Wednesday, July 14, 2010

In a snap i've got the winner!

In a snap gals...i got the winner! So kittens lets check and see who it will be...

We know sweet miss dollie deville scored this 50's pink cupcake goodness...lucky gal...

Now the winner of this sweet polka dot Kelly Miss Jenny May from the 21st century housewife project...congrats kitten!

OK SO ONE DRESS ISN'T ENOUGH...I GOTTA DO ONE MORE... OK gals one sweet Mexican gingham going to ...wait for it...Coedith from life in a pink house! yahooooo the gals are so rooten tooten happy for all the winners...

now thanks kittens for swingin' by playin along and supportin' my sure was a treat readin' all your funny comments and i loved the whinnin'! keep checkin' in on this blog for buy , sell, and oh honey trade!!!!

keep a look out for the other dresses on ebay...or send me an offer if you really want one! I love a good offer...thanks for swingin' by for a lil' vintage dress time! Cat

Monday, June 28, 2010

Hi Kittens...this is my closet! Welcome & Take a peek!!

Hey kittens glad you made it over...Welcome Ladies...this is gonna be a rooten tooten good time...full of wonderful goodies & fab vintage fashion...all out of my closet!

hee hee i loved this photo...and gosh darn it gals it is soooo true! This kitten has got to share the on with it Cat...

I am The Vintage Housewife and my blog has been such a hoot...who would of thought that wearin' adorable vintage fashion all these 13 +years would of brought so much joy and fun to my life...yep and gals have loved it the whole i want you to wear it thats what this blog is about...and gals this Giveaway 500...whooooooowaaaaaa!

i live in vintage farm and feedsack dresses...wrap house dresses...and good ol' sundresses from the 40's & 50's...they are comfy cool and so darn tooten' sweet! I feel so lady like yet...super comfy...i wear them with today mom in mind & am ready for wipping lil' tears, runnin' errands, & cleanin'...the closets! They are to be used and worn every day! Thats the joy of wearin' vintage! My goods will be listed with bust, waist ,& length measurements. Just measure one of your dresses that fits like a glove and've got your numbers!(this dress above is a 40's feedsack dress...handmade with red white and blue flowers...stinkin' adorable) ebay...$60.00

soooo...on with it...why your here...My "500 "giveaway! To thank my 500 followers! you gals rock! thank you for followin' this gals blog... all right you sassy ready for what this blog is all about...this sweet lil' blog is my closet...yep...and i am gonna place dresses that find their way to me...and then i offer them to you...some with a price attached...some for barter( ooooh i love a good trade) ...and some for...wait for it ....wait for it...FREE!!!!

So for my giveaway" 500"...gals...they are get to win a vintage dress!

yep gals...i have just about one in every is how you do it...

*comment on my other blog get a chance...

*comment on this blog get another...

*follow this blog get one more chance...

*blog about it on your blog & gals get 2 more chances...

and last gals just start whinnin' all about how you want a dress...and um....yep get another chance!

Remember gals to keep your tally and let me know when you comment& the number of the dress...and if you don't want A dress don't forget that adorable pink wicker 50's pearl Lucite purse...up for grabs as well... awwww...Now how easy is that, it's like shoppin' for my giveaway!...what fun gals! now take a look at the goods...

dress # 1

now first off we have a vintage white a green polka dot shirtdress with elastic waist made by impromtu...natical look with sweet belt loops and with a bust of 42 waist of 32-38(it stretches) length 41 ...

dress # 2

next a lil' 50's Mexican embroidered navy blue gingham side zipper so sweet and a totally twirlin' dress...bust 38,waist 28 length 42...

dress # 3

next a lil' 50's house dress with adorable Ric rac pocket detail bust 40", waist 32" ,length 41"

sweetest...lil pockets!!!!!

dress # 4

oh honey adorable lil' western styled farm ric rac and twirlin' skirt...adorable with cowgirl boots y'all...(and a apron)

bust 38",waist 30 length 38"

dress # 5

slap me happy lil' strawberry/raspberry dream wrap dress...bust 38-40 waist 28-34 length 41...measurements are wrapped natural...& wrapped but pushing showin' your back end...maybe a few snap buttons down the back to make sure you don't show too much back! =)

ruffles on bottom...hmmm i wish it fit me! i love fruit!

dress # 6

next a 1950's chevron dress made by lane bryant...tagged a size 241/2 comes with a belt bust 50" waist 44" length 43...great colors !

dress # 7

and lastly a wonderful plus size dream...a 40's apron dress...with pink lil' wheel barrels wagons of buttons up the back ric rac trim and sweet lil' pocket...very large 3x-4x curvy kittens this one is for you! bust 60" waist 52' with a tie to cinch, and length 44( this one has a few yellow spots but still wearable)

so there you have it gals...My giveaway 500...i am so excited that you follow my blog....well now blogs...and i am very very happy to share with you wonderful kittens! This is my thank you for the best followers ever! Hope you enjoy the vintage dresses ! thanks for swingin' by kittens...yahooooooo! Cat~